Real Estate Brokerage

Tobias von Monkiewitsch

Diploma real estate agent
  • Help with buying and selling real estate
  • Real estate consulting
  • Real estate support
  • Second opinions
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate analysis
  • Project development

Tobias acts as our expert-partner to our clients. In addition to his international up-bringing he convinces with a profound knowledge of all relevant real-estate topics. So whether you are thinking of selling a property, investing in real estate, or diversifying your property portfolio (income properties), he is the right person to talk to. Tobias has been selling properties for almost 16 years and has the experience and detailed understanding of the property market here in Switzerland to lead you through any of the above transactions.

Tobias has worked in different real-estate contexts all over Switzerland and has a broad network of purchasers & investors, but also to individual vendors as well as reliable specialists such as architects and developers.

Speed, efficiency and comprehension of all your desired projects is assured!
We invite you to contact us for a personal, no-obligation, consultation.


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