About Swiss Prime International

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Swiss Prime International is a privately-owned insurance brokerage and financial consultancy based in Zug and Geneva, Switzerland.

We offer our customers a wide selection of financial products and services including, short and long term insurance plans, pensions and tax advice, and a range of advisory services.

Life Insurance

We’ll make sure you have the best Life Insurance policy in place possible that gives your family the financial protection in areas such as disability and death.

Tax advice

Our team of multilingual tax experts will keep you up to date, fully compliant and get you the highest tax savings possible. We help you with tax returns, deductions, savings. We also provide a fully comprehensive tax service to support expatriates.

Pillar 3 and pension advice

Ensuring you have the most comfortable retirement possible.

Health Insurance

Finding you the best Health Insurance policies for your circumstances.

We provide these services along with many more to Swiss locals, expatriates in Switzerland and those working globally.

Our business goals are two-fold.

Firstly, to build life-long relationships with our customers that are built on trust, and an unwavering commitment to securing their prosperity and financial peace of mind. Secondly, to ensure our customers are always happy and satisfied (wherever they are in the world).

We achieve these goals by following two basic guidelines:

-We’re frequently in touch with our clients, and we let them decide exactly how often they would like to review their portfolio of insurance and financial products with us.

-We’re always on call to address any queries and we make sure these are dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring we deliver the quality of service our customers deserve.

What sets us apart from the rest?

At Swiss Prime International, we are truly committed to a promise of delivering great service that recognises the unique requirements of both expats who are new to Switzerland, and Swiss locals alike.

We are totally independent and offer clients professional and transparent financial advice. Our independent status also puts us in a position to be able to broker the most competitive insurance solutions possible. In fact, whenever you ask us to get you a great deal on insurance, we provide you with a minimum of three of the best financial and insurance quotes out there.

When it comes to planning for retirement, our team can provide you with an overview of what return you can expect from your state pensions, company pension and monies you have privately saved. We can give guidance on inheritance, tax optimisation and ways to invest for your future too.

To make good on this promise, being able to communicate with you in the language of your choice is essential. Our team, a dynamic mix of Swiss locals and international professionals, puts an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal in a wide variety of languages.

We know that having to deal with local authorities and other product providers can often be a time consuming hassle, which is why, as another core feature of our service to you, whenever necessary, we’ll take care of dealing with any third-party on your behalf.

We also work closely with local partners to offer you the best in Property Purchasing Advice, and Tax, Accounting and Legal services

Lukas Egger Insurance in Zug and Geneva, Switzerland

Leading from the front

Lukas’s highly successful career in the insurance and financial industry started back in 2010. Since those early days, Lukas has always placed a strong emphasis on ensuring he stays at the top of his game; developing and refining his expertise to guide his many satisfied customers on their financial journey.

Growing up as a Swiss local, surrounded by expats, and attending International Schools throughout his childhood, gave Lukas a deep personal connection with the expat community in Switzerland. This special connection, coupled with his significant local know-how, has put Lukas in a truly unique position to help both Swiss and International clients with their financial needs; a position that forms the cornerstone of Swiss Prime International.

Lukas Egger
Head of Agency
Insurance broker in Zug & Geneva Switzerland

Swiss Prime International is registered with FINMA (# F01112848) and with CICERO (# 18978) which qualifies us to contract with all major Swiss insurance companies. Swiss Prime International is an official member of the Insurance Institute of Switzerland.