Exclusive Invitation

Swiss Prime International invites you to our exclusive event for expats

Insurance Broker and Financial Consultants
Location: Powder Tower Zug, Zugerbergstrasse 14
Date: Wednesday 6th September 2023
Procedure: 18:00 Opening
18:30 Presentations
19:30 Apéro
21:00 The End
Presentations: Margot Lorenz – Partner – Portas Capital
Global Market Outlook 2023
Patrick Odermatt – Lawyer – Kaiser Odermatt & Partner
Lookouts for Expats
Jared Booysen and Ahmed Mehila – Swiss Prime International
Making the Best Out of Your Swiss Pension

Please register by latest 20th of August 2023

Limited seats available
Email: info@swiss-prime.ch
Tel: +41 41 729 00 70