Guide to Investment Risk

Personal Risk Check

    In order to advise you properly, we need to know more about your risk tolerance, investment goals and investment time horizon. Please take the necessary time to answer the questionnaire. Please tick the statements that are true or correspond best.

    Questions 1 to 7 serve to take stock of the key aspects of your personal investment environment and planned investment horizon.

    Please state your age:

    Which of the following statements best describes your present expenditures situation (rent, your children’s education and training, mortgage, holiday plans, etc.)?
    If you were to lose your regular income overnight, how long would you be able to finance your customary living standard? In answering, assume that you do not want to sell any long-term assets (real estate, securities, etc.).
    In the next 5 years, do you expect your income to:
    How much are your net total assets currently worth (real estate excluded)?
    How much experience do you have with different forms of investments?
    How long is your investment horizon with regard to the planned strategy?
    Questions 8 and 9 serve to establish your capacity for risk within your investment horizon.
    As the following examples show, the higher the expected returns, the higher the risk; this therefore presupposes a higher capacity for risk. These examples are hypothetical and disregard the current market situation. Which of the following statements applies best?
    Let us assume that you have opted for an investment involving a certain risk. After initial gains, your investment starts making a loss. How would you react assuming that your personal investment environment and time horizon under questions 1 to 7 have not significantly changed?

    Thank you, based on your selected options, your risk assessment score has been provided below. Please continue to review your risk check evaluation to see which risk level your score matches.

    Your Total

    Risk Check Evaluation

    From 0 to 20 points or elimination based on question 8 (Risk Level 1)

    Your risk profile only allows for a deposit investment or 100% capital guaranteed investments

    From 21 to 33 points (Risk Level 2)

    Conservative Risk Profile: A conservative investor is one who is prepared to accept a small amount of risk, but the priority remains the preservation of capital over the medium to long term. He/She may have some understanding of investments markets; however, he/she cannot afford to take any chances with his/her capital.

    From 34 to 46 points (Risk Level 3)

    Balanced Risk Profile: A balanced investor has some understanding of investment behaviour and can accept moderate short-term risk to his/her capital. He/She does not wish to see his/her capital eroded by tax and inflation and is prepared to take moderate short-term risk with equities in order to gain longer term capital growth.

    From 47 to 60 points (Risk Level 4)

    Dynamic Risk Profile: A dynamic investor understands the movement of investment markets. He/She is most interested in maximizing long term capital growth, although he/she does not wish to make unbalanced investment decisions. He/She is happy to sacrifice short term safety in order to maximize long term capital growth from international markets.

    I hereby confirm that I have answered all the questions truthfully and added up the points, and that I have understood the corresponding risk profile and the investment strategy.

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