Insurance in Zug & Geneva, Switzerland

Travel Insurance

The aim of travel insurance is to protect yourself against the unforeseen, such as an illness or injury and even theft of your personal possessions while on holiday. Additionally if something happens before departure such as a last minute cancellation you should be covered.

Travel insurance isn’t designed to cover every eventuality so it’s worth making sure you have the right policy for all your holiday needs.

What cover do I need?

A good travel insurance policy will normally include these potential factors as standard:

– Cancellation – Usually including falling ill, home emergencies, suffering bereavement

– Personal assistance – Provides good cover if anything happens to you while travelling.

– Curtailment – Having to cut your trip short due to an emergency

– Baggage and personal belongings – If your items are lost, stolen or damaged

– Motor vehicle assistance – Including towing and vehicle recovery

Will travel insurance cover me for Covid related issues?

With the recent pandemic, it is a major concern for anyone who wants to travel. But figuring out what your policy covers can be tricky. Generally you’re covered if you catch coronavirus before your trip or while on it.

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