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New to investing, or just not sure where to put your money?

Swiss Prime International will connect you to investment opportunities around the world so you can feel confident about your wealth management.

Everyone would like to make the most out of their money and maximise percentage yields. However, finding a suitable investment option has become more difficult than it once was. This is because traditional forms of investment in Switzerland have become less attractive. For example, savings accounts have fallen victim to low-interest rates, and high house prices mean that buy-to-let investment requires more careful planning than it used to.

The times are gone when traditional savings accounts would gain you significant amounts of interest on your money. For savers with large deposits, achieving high-interest rates is no longer a guarantee. Some savers may even encounter the need to pay interest to their provider.

We offer professional investment advice at Swiss Prime International. We have a range of investment options to suit different levels of experience in line with your requirements. We will together find a solution tailored to your goals.

Our Services Include:

  • Investments across overseas jurisdictions – Achieve the best returns with investments across the globe including access to a wide array of asset classes, geographies and investment strategies.
  • Various currencies – Our investing experts provide guidance and recommendations on currency investments, including strategies such as economic, technical, and fundamental analysis.
  • A spectrum of securities – We carefully consider your risk tolerance and invest accordingly. With a well-rounded portfolio of stocks, bonds, and funds that prioritise safety and moderate growth, we can help you sleep at night knowing your money is safe.

Contact us and our expert team will help to find the best investment options available to you.