Power of Attorney

For Inspection of Documents

    The Client
    Authorises the Insurance Consultant, Lukas Egger of Agency Swiss Prime International Ltd., Alpenstrasse 14, 6300 Zug to inspect existing files at:

    Or to obtain written information from the above-mentioned institutions or persons to the extent necessary for the provision of comprehensive advice for the purposes of a pension and financial analysis.

    FSIO Power of attorney for ordering AHV/IV individual account statement
    I hereby authorise the above-mentioned Consultant to obtain statements from my AHV individual accounts (IA) and to inspect all information contained therein. This information includes in particular the amount of my income and remuneration since my 17th birthday, the names of my previous and current employers, any divorces, my previous and present occupation, my care-giving credits, my periods of insurance in the voluntary AHV/IV, my periods of unemployment, my time spent in military service, civil protection or civilian service, my periods of disability, my compensation payments from military insurance, etc. I release the responsible social security administration office(s) from its/their professional and legal duty of confidentiality and expressly authorise it/them to send these individual account statements directly to the above-mentioned Consultant, who is obliged to inform me of any inconsistencies and send me a copy of all individual accounts as soon as he/she has received them so that I can check the accuracy of the information and arrange for the errors to be corrected within 30 days of receipt of the IA by the above-mentioned Consultant. I am aware that if no account statement or correction is requested, or if the correction request is denied, the correction of entries in the individual account after the occurrence of an insured event can only be requested if the inaccuracy is obvious or is fully substantiated (Art. 141, cl. 3 AHVV). [The wording of this power of attorney corresponds to the minimum standard specified by the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO circular on the duty of confidentiality and the disclosure of information in the AHV/IV/EO/EL/FL). In the view of the FSIO, there is no general duty on the part of the authorised representative to check possible inconsistencies; only clear or obvious errors are reportable.]

    Important note
    The data and information received on the basis of your power of attorney for a pension analysis and/or retirement planning will be treated in strict confidentiality by the Insurance Consultant and Swiss Life and only used for the purpose of providing you with personal advice.