Insurance in Zug & Geneva, Switzerland

Health Insurance

The healthcare system in Switzerland is renowned for its high standards and is recognised as one of the most advanced in the world. However, healthcare in Switzerland is not free. The Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act requires all residents in Switzerland to have some form of health insurance. So, anyone new to Switzerland is obliged to find suitable cover within three months of registration. The local authorities ensure that this happens.

How does health insurance work in Switzerland?

Health insurance is split between compulsory and supplementary categories. The compulsory system in Switzerland differs from most others in that it is not financed through general taxation or operated directly by the Government. The country’s compulsory health insurance is provided by a number of non-profit insurance companies that offer coverage to every citizen. The system is highly regulated to ensure prices are fair, that all citizens receive the same high-quality care, and that patients’ rights are protected.

Many Swiss residents choose to purchase supplementary health insurance to give themselves access to a wider range of treatments or better accommodation in the case of a hospital stay.

Compulsory Health Insurance

Every Swiss resident is required by law to purchase at least a basic health insurance policy, Unless you qualify for an exemption.

Compulsory coverage is identical across providers but is generally standardised between three different plans:

  1. Basic / Standard: Consultation of any doctor of your choice.
  2. The GP / HMO: Initial contact always with the GP or the HMO first. If a specialist is required, you will be referred to them.
  3. TELMED: Initial consultation via telephone. From there, an action plan is recommended.

Supplementary Health Insurance

Although the basic health insurance package in Switzerland is adequate, many residents choose a supplementary package to access a more comprehensive range of services and treatments. It is highly recommendable to take out supplementary insurance, in line with your personal requirements and to offset financial risks caused by illness.

Supplementary coverage is useful when it comes to just about any aspect of health care. This includes dental care, illness whilst outside Switzerland or use of a private room in a hospital. The supplementary cover also gives patients a greater choice. In essence, those areas not covered by compulsory health care may be covered by taking out supplemental insurance.

How to choose health insurance in Switzerland?

Switzerland requires that all residents hold basic health insurance. Expatriates and international citizens are free to choose whatever insurance company they want. There are more than 60 government authorised providers, which gives you plenty of options.

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