Insurance in Zug & Geneva, Switzerland

Salary Protection Insurance

Swiss Prime International’s salary protection insurance guarantees the preservation of your lifestyle even during challenging circumstances. Whether you experience job loss or incapacity to work due to reasons beyond your control, we’ll take care of your expenses including rent, additional health insurance, leasing, and more.

Salary Protection Insurance – Financial Relief

Life’s challenges can arise unexpectedly: Whether it’s due to illness, accidents, or unforeseen job loss, navigating through these situations can lead to financial strain. This is where salary protection insurance steps in, safeguarding your financial commitments and providing support during difficult times.

Flexible Modules

Payment protection insurance offers four distinct modules that can be selected separately or bundled together based on your needs.

Ensure the monthly lease payment for your vehicle or cover the expenses of a car subscription.
Cover half of your monthly rent, inclusive of additional expenses, or protect your mortgage installment, including amortization.
Protect the monthly premium for your supplementary insurance or the supplementary insurance for your entire family.
Cover a fixed monthly amount for diverse recurring expenses, such as cellphone subscriptions, gym memberships, magazines, and streaming services.


Payment protection insurance steps in during instances of involuntary unemployment or complete incapacity to work due to illness or accident. Following a waiting period, Swiss Prime International assumes responsibility for the continuing monthly expenses of insured modules for up to one year.


You’re eligible for salary/payment protection insurance if you’re employed in a permanent position and work over 25 hours per week (approximately 60% workload). Detailed information about who is covered can be found in our General Insurance Conditions (GIC).

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