Specialist insurance brokers and financial consultants based in Zug and Geneva, Switzerland.

We offer advice to Swiss locals, expatriates in Switzerland and those working globally.

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Specialist insurance brokers and financial consultants.

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Swiss Prime International

Swiss Prime International is registered with FINMA (# 31831) and with CICERO (# 18’978) which qualifies us to contract with all major Swiss insurance companies. Swiss Prime International is an official member of the Insurance Institute of Switzerland.

Swiss Prime International is a privately-owned insurance broker and financial consultancy based in Zug and Geneva, Switzerland. Our team is a mix of Swiss locals and international expats. You will receive the best advice from qualified insurance and financial advisors with years of experience. For independent advice look no further. We offer advice to Swiss locals and expatriates in Switzerland or those working globally.Being independent allows us to recommend the best investment solutions to our client’s individual situation. Solutions are only offered after we have discussed our client’s requirements in detail and agree the best course of action forward. Our gold standard is that we present three different quotes to any quote requested by a client.Where it comes to specialist advice, we work with best local professionals and will bring them on board if necessary.With our mix of local and expat professionals, we understand the requirements of those new to Switzerland as well as the requirements of the locals. We deal with providers and local authorities on your behalf. Giving you peace of mind.

What our clients are saying...

Miguel Telhado

I've been using Swiss Prime services since day one. I met Lukas Egger in his previous job and his professionalism, integrity and sympathy conquered me. When he decided to start his own company, I immediately became a customer. The financial and tax advisory is a business of people based on trust cemented by high quality services. That’s what I always got from Swiss Prime and its team.

Véronique Vallières

Global Communications Lead, Strategic Initiatives

My husband and I worked with Swiss Prime to secure the purchase of our home in Switzerland after we fell in love with a unique project. We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss this opportunity and their expertise has been invaluable in securing your dream home. I am now convinced our lack of knowledge in the mortgage process would have led to mistakes along the way that would have cost us the property if it weren’t for Swiss Prime. They were fast, flexible and went the extra mile to ensure we got the property we wanted. While I speak German, being able to better grasp legal intricacies and certain subtleties of the purchase process in English was also very valuable. After our positive experience with Swiss Prime, I decided to rely on their advice to pick a life insurance and to do our tax return next year. You won’t regret collaborating with them on such important life decisions while in Switzerland.

Alexandros Karamitsos

Head of Global Sales, Low-Speed Turbocharging

I have had the chance to have Swiss Prime as my financial advisor for more than 5 years now. They are professional experts in their field, always providing a fact-based analysis on how your finances might be affected by the global economy keeping in mind your risk profile and exposure. They have a customer mindset, building trust and long-term relationship with their clients.