What is a SIPP?

A SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) is a UK government-approved personal pension plan that gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose how to manage your own pension funds. An increasing number of people are now moving their pension plans into a SIPP for a variety of compelling reasons.

Benefits of choosing a SIPP

Nobody understands your retirement aspirations better than you do. That’s why it’s so important that you have a say in how your pension funds are managed. Not only does a SIPP give you that say, but it also empowers you to take absolute control over your future retirement funding.

A SIPP (as opposed to a classic pension) offers:

  • Simplification and control through consolidation.
  • Flexibility on drawdowns – enables, among other benefits, a possibility for tax planning.
  • A personalized and flexible investment profile.

For absolute clarity on how you will benefit from a SIPP in your own unique situation, it’s essential to first get a complete understanding of what kind of pensions plans you currently have, and what exactly it is that they provide.

What We Offer

The smart approach: Let our experienced advisers do the hard work for you.

Our advisers provide the optimal approach to your SIPP in a simple, three step process:

  1. Help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of your existing UK pension schemes.
  2. Provide motivated recommendations for suitable alternatives that would be the most beneficial to you.
  3. Choosing and implementing.

The goal is always to make sure that you get the best possible outcome at retirement. To this end, we work to always provide you with the most appropriate solution for your UK pension, and ensure that the solution is meticulously tailored to suit your unique situation.

With our focused approach to helping you achieve the ideal future financial situation, you’re freed up to spend more time on the things in life that are important to you.

How you benefit:


Makes managing your SIPP simple through consolidation and our ongoing support.


Greater flexibility through flexible drawdowns and investment choices.


Maximum control through insight and involvement.

Our policy on the pension advice we offer you is simple – facts are what matter. For this reason, you can be assured that you will always receive the best possible advice from us – advice based on solid research, extensive expertise and careful consideration of what makes you unique.

Your Ideal SIPP Partner in Switzerland

We live in an age where change is a constant, yet we often don’t have the time nor the expertise to make sense of how these changes will impact us.

Unlike classic pension providers, Swiss Prime International offers you PEACE:

Partnership:  You will find that we care about you and work to improve your future situation, as true partners should.
Expertise:  You can relax and enjoy life as you live it, while we keep track of relevant changes for you.
Accessibility:  You’ll get to know us on a personal level, and we’ll always be available to talk when you need us.
Clarity:  You’re kept abreast of what you have and how it develops.
Efficiency:  You don’t waste unnecessary time or energy, as we do the hard work for you and make sure that the right steps are taken in the right order.

When working with us you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best advice and support to guide you through the process of establishing and managing your SIPP. Our advice is built not only on keeping you abreast of relevant developments in the UK pension industry, but also on ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the options available to you. The bottom line: you get real peace of mind within an important area of your future financial security.

We also take the time to provide clarity on details that are relevant to your personal situation, the underlying forces that may affect your pension, and of course, on any aspect of your SIPP you may feel uncertain about.