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Health Insurance in Switzerland

“The health care system in Switzerland is one of the best in the world, so here you are definitely in good hands”

With a very few exceptions, the basic health care (KVG) is compulsory to all living in Switzerland. So, anyone new to Switzerland is obliged to find suitable cover within 3 months of registration. The local authorities ensure that this happens.

Compulsory insurance: 3 standardised health insurance plans available

  1. BASIC / STANDARD: Consultation of any doctor of your choice.
  2. The GP / HMO: Initial contact always with the GP or the HMO first. If a specialist is required, you will be referred to them.
  3. TELMED: Initial consultation via telephone. From there, an action plan is recommended.

The individual premium (monthly contribution) depends on one’s place of residence, age, insurance model and deductible.

Supplementary Insurance

Compulsory insurance is not fully comprehensive and in terms of hospitalisation, the cover is for general ward only. It is highly recommendable to take out additional insurance, in line with your personal requirements and to offset certain financial risks caused by illness.

Supplementary coverage is useful to just about any aspect of health care, including dental care, illness whilst outside Switzerland or use of a private room in a hospital. Supplementary cover also gives patients a greater choice. In essence, those areas not covered by the compulsory health care may be covered by taking out supplemental insurance.

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