Property Purchasing Advice

Property Purchasing Advice

The dream of having one’s own four walls is as old as mankind itself. Creating a home means more than simply finding a place where you can feel safe and relaxed. A true home is somewhere that gives you independence and freedom! Many people are discouraged from realising this dream by the great burden they think it involves. But it is worth stopping to take a good, hard, professional look at your situation! We can give you a good overview of the property market in our area or put you in touch with a local expert.

In essence: Does buying a property in Switzerland make sense for your situation? Speak to us, we are happy to listen!

Services We Offer

  • Buying & selling property

  • Consulting

  • Support

  • Second opinion

  • Valuation

  • Investigations, analyses

  • Project development

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Swiss Prime International’s Partner Property Consultant

Margrit Reichlin Profile Photo

Margrit Reichlin

Real Estate Consultant

Margrit acts as an expert partner to clients in the sale, purchase, and acquisition of real estate – not only by project or concept development but also in specific individual property operations.

She not only has many years of countrywide experience in all aspects of the property business, but also has a wide network of purchasers, investors, vendors and reliable specialists in the field.

Fast, efficient, analysis of even the most complex projects is assured!

We invite you to contact us for a personal, no-obligation, consultation.

Phone: +41 41 729 00 70

Mobile: +41 79 346 68 26