Pillar 2 / Company Pension

Pillar 2 / Company pension

Do you understand the benefits you have with your company pension? We will assist you!

All employees insured under the 1st pillar (State Pension) and who earn at least CHF 21,150 a year (2016) are insured under the 2nd pillar.  Your employer is obligated to insure you as of age 25 against the results of death & disability. An additional risk, which is an even greater risk, is retirement!

If you are new to Switzerland, there may be ways for you to gain additional tax benefits by contributing missing years to your company’s pension. Speak to us to obtain the overall picture!

If you are starting your own business and require a pension fund for yourself or your growing business, you will soon be overwhelmed by the choice available. Speak to us about your requirements and we will go out and find the most suitable options.

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